What People Are Saying

Michelle is a born healer, she's skilled at what she does and just exudes good vibes! The space itself is beautiful and calms you as soon as you walk in. Seriously a gem of Frederick. 

~ Margarita D.

Excellent! Michelle is awesome. My only mistake was not coming here sooner. This is a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Michelle knows exactly where to work to help ease your pain.

~ Phil W.

Michelle is a wonderful healer with a beautiful spirit who cares deeply about the service she gives her clients. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and released of any tension. I will definitely return.

~ Jennifer E.

I had the most amazing, relaxing experience. I have never been so relaxed in my life. Michelle really takes her time in learning your body. She knows exactly where all the tight spots are. I will only be going to Michelle, she is amazing at what she does. Very healing! Thank you Michelle Culler! 

~ Jaclyn A.

I recently had a Reiki session with Michelle. Although it was our first meeting, I instantly felt at ease and was able to quickly relax . Michelle has a very kind, gentle, and comforting presence. Immediately following the session, I felt very light. I was encompassed by a care-free feeling I had not felt for quite some time. As I walked through downtown Frederick, I felt a warmth and a connection to those I passed. I was experiencing a sense of oneness with complete strangers....and it was awesome. I carried this feeling with me throughout the day and the experience still resonates with me. Prior to our session, I had been feeling a bit stagnant in my spiritual journey. I believe Michelle has helped to lift me over a few of the hurdles I had been struggling with and for that I am extremely grateful. Treat your soul and go visit.

~ Benjamin S.

Relief For Chronic Pain

From the moment I entered her meticulously appointed massage room, complete with heated massage table, mood-altering salt lamps, and an unmistakable fragrance of lavender, I knew that the experience with Michelle would positively affect my body, mind, and even my spirit. Working with her strong, capable hands, Michelle intuitively knew where my stress sometimes hid and skillfully eased the tension. Occasionally, she augmented basic massage with reflexology and cupping for my feet swollen from kidney issues, cranial-sacral work for my stiff neck, and the application of hot stones for particularly tight muscles in my forearms and thighs. Yet she did even more: I had developed a dangerous cyst near the center of my left eye, one which my retinologist was reluctant to treat because of possible complications. At my request, Michelle applied Reiki to that eye over a period of three weeks. After that time, my retinologist expressed profound surprise that the cyst had pretty much disappeared! It is no wonder that Michelle sees her work with clients as a special kind of meditation.

~ Joseph Mancini Jr., Ph.D., CCHt.

I had a very relaxing and healing massage with Michelle today.  She is amazing! I have been training for a running event for the last two months and had developed several strained muscles and a huge knot in my lower back. I didn't even identify these trouble areas to her and she was able to identify and treat each injured muscle with a variety of therapeutic techniques. The location is peaceful and the massage room is inviting. I will definitely be going back for her healing touch. Thanks, Michelle! 

~ Eric F.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen Michelle for massage therapy. I specifically started sessions to help alleviate pain in my lower back and right leg. This pain was caused by a bulging disc that radiated down my leg through the sciatic nerve. Her concentrated massage therapy allowed me to feel relief in my leg and lower back almost immediately. With a few weekly sessions, it was back to where I could resume exercise again at a minimal to average level of intensity (something my doctor told me would be 6-8 weeks). I was happy with the results and was excited to continue my therapy. Unfortunately, a recurring issue of tendinitis in my wrist had resurfaced. Something I’ve been dealing with on and off for about a year. It felt like a set back, as one ailment was starting to improve, another one resurfaced. Michelle recommended that we should try a full Reiki healing session. I had never heard of Reiki or tried anything like this before. She explained what it entailed, and my first impression was honestly a little bit of skepticism. However, I was open and willing to try anything. She was able to find stagnant energy in areas where I have had surgeries or weakness and instantly could feel and sense where the negative energies in my body were located. She found things in my body from previous injuries that I never even told her existed. This opened my mind up to her healing and  I started feeling the wrist pain subside almost instantly after the first full Reiki session. The next day I woke up COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! Back, leg, feet, and wrist felt like new. I was able to to pushups, pull-ups, and even go for a light run. The day after that, I did a full 45 minute peloton bike ride at full cadence and felt 100%. That was 48 hours after the session!  Michelle is a natural healer. You will feel her positive energy running through you in any type of session. She harnesses her healing energy and pushes it into you. I could actually feel toxic energy leaving my body.   

~ Adam K.


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